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Where Are All The Clients?

You’re running your small business full of energy and passion but things are not working out quite as you thought…

You’re struggling to find enough clients and you’re not sure where to start looking for them......

You know you need to be marketing but you are not sure how. Your website looks great. You have a Facebook and Instagram page that you post to and get some likes but not many (if any) clients.

You are part of a number of Facebook groups and post regularly about what your business does but the conversion to clients is not happening. You attend networking events, hand out cards and wait for contact that rarely comes. You wonder what it is that you are doing wrong.

You just want to get on with helping clients, making money and enjoying your work....

Others on your social media and networking groups seem to have it all worked out and look like they are doing great…..you wonder how. How do they do it?

You’d love to know how to build a solid marketing plan that works!

If you want to grow your business you HAVE to market it, or how else are your clients going to find you?

But how and where you ask?

You know your business is great and it offers just the right solution to client’s problems. Those who have worked with you love what you do and appreciate how you have helped them and yet you cannot find enough of those people to make your business financially stable and profitable.

It’s not because you don’t work hard or long hours because you do but you crave more freedom and flexibility with your work schedule for fun, family and friends.