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How Solving Problems Gets Clients!

No matter what business you run, people will pay more money to solve a problem – something that is causing them loss or pain, than they will to gain a benefit. Think about how many people will pay for a solution to a problem, rather than preventative measures. Yes, this is not the true in every case but is for the majority.

I was involved in the car repair industry for years and soon learnt that most people put off servicing their car until something goes wrong and we all know those people that won’t go to the dentist regularly to prevent a problem, but as soon as they get a tooth ache they book in right away.

To write an effective business plan that actually works, you want to focus on a “must have” product or service and not something that is just “nice to have.” The more painful the clients problem the better and bigger your market. Your solution has to be seen as a “need” not just a “want.” Wants are nice to have when we have spare income such as a holiday or a new car but to make it in today’s economy and to have a long list of returning clients, you must solve their painful problems with a solution they desperately need. Attracting clients and selling is all about solving problems and people want to spend their money with the best problem solvers.

What is that ONE painful problem you can solve easily?

Don’t rush this part of the process as it is the fundamental aspect of an effective business plan. Take time to work this out. Speak to past clients who love you (if you have any). Think about the problems you have that you have solved that may have lead you to start your business. Often women start a small business based on a passion they have to help. If you are struggling work with a business advisor, coach or consultant. Join a business mastermind group to get suggestions, support and help from other “like minded” women. Keep working at it until you have that “ah ha” moment of realisation of what it is you do or want to do.

What though if this process leads you to see that your current product or service is not a must-have? What if it is just a nice to have product or service that is not bringing in enough clients? Can you find a way to repurpose it to solve a pressing need? Can you add to it, change it, rename it, redesign it, tweak it? Collaborate with others if you cannot find a solution on your own because once you are able to do this, you will have a business that matters and that drives you with a passion and purpose.

Now you can write your business or life mission and purpose!


Business Coach, Lisa Branigan offers affordable workshops to help women in business see why business planning gets you more clients plus how to make the process less painful and easier!

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