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One Unhappy Customer Can Cost You 3 Million Clients!

Recently my husband was abused while asking for a quote for some work he needed done on some equipment. Mind you, this was the third time he approached this person about the quote for this small job.

Instead of an apology for being so slow with a quote, the so call “professional” had the cheek to abuse my husband for wasting his time.

This person is new to our area and is trying to build a new business where the client counts…well so he says!

Ok I so the job was very small (maybe not even worth $100) but unbeknown to this “new” business owner, my husband was testing the waters before he asks for a quote on a $40 000 project!

He just lost himself and his business $40 000 plus a possible 3 million potential clients!

Yes 3 million.

With the invent of the internet and various social media the one unhappy customer who used to tell ten of his friends can now send out a negative message about you and your business to literally millions of people instantly!

Think of that the next time you want to be right!


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