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How To Keep Your Resolutions and Reach Your Goals

. Sometimes they are the exact same resolutions as last year!! Did you make some of these?

I will:

* Lose weight, get into shape, and exercise more

* Spend more time with my family

* Stress less & relax more

* Get more sleep

* Save money

* Change jobs

* Be happy

* Work less

* Make more money

* Make my business more efficient

If any of these resolutions sound familiar this is because these are some of the most popular resolutions made each year according to "How To Keep Your New Years"

The Oxford Dictionary definition of resolution is to decide firmly or have great determination, but most people are lucky if their resolution is kept until the end of their holidays. It's no wonder many people find themselves making the exact same resolutions the next year. So how can you be successful in sticking to a resolution or successfully achieve any goal? on one thing at a time. Goals or resolutions involve change and sometimes it's easier to give up and sink back into our old life patterns than stick to change. So only do one thing at a time or you may be tempted to give up!'ve heard the saying "People who fail to plan, plan to fail." Think about your goal. WRITE IT DOWN!!!! Put it where you will see it everyday. Set a start date. Develop a strategy. Write a list of points to help you reach your goal-break it down into manageable pieces and tackle it one piece at a time.

THIRDLY...Prepare for those obstacles that you know will come up. You know what I mean-if you have decided to lose 10kg you know someone will bring a chocolate cake to work on the first day of your diet. So think about what obstacles will come up and a plan to tackle each one. If you slip up-don't let this make you totally give up. See it as one step back among all the steps you have taken and will take forward!!!!

Remember to reward yourself for every step forward you do take-this will keep you in action and motivated.

LASTLY......GET SUPPORT...this is a must. It's much easier to stay in action if you feel supported and also accountable to someone. You could buddy up with a friend or relative (as long as you are definitely sure they will support you). Or for unbiased support chose a Personal Life Coach to keep you motivated and in action.


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