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How to Get More Clients Without Spending a Cent!

After more than 25 years in business I have discovered four easy (but essential) steps that all businesses must implement to have a regular, steady stream of clients. This has come about from many years of coaching business women who needed to increase their profits by growing their client base.

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Marketing is like fishing except you can’t eat your clients!

When a person goes fishing they have a particular fish they are targeting, or wanting to catch. Knowing in advance the particular fish they wish to catch helps the fisherman (or woman) know what bait or lure to buy and where to go to find that type of fish. For example sand whiting gather on white sand while herring live on rocky ground.

To go fishing without this knowledge would mean your fishing attempt would be “pot luck” and the success of catching a fish is limited. The world is not your oyster!

It’s that same with your marketing. You must define your target market…or the fish you want to catch.

One unhappy customer can cost you 3 million clients!

With the invent of the internet and various social media the one unhappy customer who used to tell ten of his friends can now send out a negative message about you and your business to literally millions of people instantly.

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