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Have you heard and even experienced the saying “It can be lonely at the top?”

Does being the boss ever make you feel like you are out

on a limb on your own?


The one solely responsible for making the tough decisions.

Maybe sometimes you don’t even know if you are making the

right decision.


It can be overwhelming at times, leaving you in a bit of a spin trying to decide the right direction to take.


Do you sometimes wish you had the support of other businesswomen who understand you?


Other colleagues, to bounce ideas off or collaborate with that could motivate you, support you and hold you accountable?


I can honestly say I know how you feel.


I have been in small business for over 30 years and like you that has meant making tough decisions alone while worrying if they are the right decisions. About 15 years ago, I came across business coaching as a profession and realised that business owners, both men, and women, don’t have to go it alone.  


I discovered that business coaching, either in personal sessions or in groups, offers business owners much needed support, motivation, accountability and a place to collaborate.


The stress and worry of being alone was gone.


I can truly say “what a relief!”


So if you have business goals you want to achieve to grow your business, increase your income, get more clients, try a new marketing method, be seen on social media, business planning, work less, have work/life balance, find a way to handle staff more effectively…whatever your current business need consider working with a business coach so you don’t have to go it alone and worry about making bad decisions.

Business Team Research

Affordable groups....

Business Coaching Mastermind groups

Quantum Coaching provides a broad range of extremely affordable business solutions to help you attract more clients and run a profitable business.


Working collaboratively in groups provides a supportive environment to help you plan and grow your business, tap into news ideas while being so much more fun than going it alone!


Join our affordable business coaching mastermind groups.





I can recommend these virtual mastermind groups to anyone who is looking for some accountability, positive feedback and some great sounding boards. The more you put in the more you’ll get out - we were a diverse group of businesses and ladies but feel like we all learned something. Lisa does a wonderful job of ensuring everyone has a voice and keeping the ‘virtual’ flowing.


Jane Heidrich

Customer Service Rep

Personal Business Coaching and Mentoring sessions tailored to your business needs

Quantum Coaching can also work with you in affordable private sessions. 


Whether you need to create an inspirational, fun and effective "visual" business and marketing plan to attract more clients or individual support to solve business problems or implement your business goals we can help.


We provide that confidential, quiet space to focus, be a soundboard and problem-solve the priorities and challenges you face.

I hired Lisa to help me create a marketing plan to attract clients to my business. I got much more than I ever expected. Lisa has helped me create a marketing funnel, narrow down my niche and most of all, break through my fear which was stopping me from moving forward. Through Lisa's support and experience, I am now well on my way to a creating a successful business."

Sara McNelis

I was fortunate to participate in a short mastermind group run by Lisa.  Immediately she gained rapport and understanding of our business and what drives us.  It was the perfect arena for any businesswoman who needs a safe place to explore her own business, receive support and guidance by Lisa (and other members).  I found myself looking forward to the weekly connection and recommend it to any woman wishing to grow. 


DP, Sydney Australia.

"Lisa helps me to find the right questions to ask myself so I get the answers I'm looking for. Her supportive approach has been highly valuable and helped me get my business going in the direction I want it to go."


Narelle Codalonga

“ I was fortunate enough to be part of a group business coaching programme with Lisa Branigan from Quantum Coaching.  The programme was thought provoking and helped me to gain a clearer focus on who my niche’ target audience is and how I can solve their issues.  The process guided me to develop a sound business and marketing plan, making me feel more focused and goal orientated.  It came at just the right time for me and Lisa was very encouraging and professional.  


I  highly recommend this programme and am grateful for this opportunity.”


Angela Oberholzer, Apsara Yoga & Wellness

"Lisa was my very first coach, and none since can measure up to her professionalism, calm, and gentle tenacity. She was always relaxed, encouraging, and attentive, and asked the right questions at the right times. She challenged me to do things I never thought I'd succeed in. All this comes with the guarantee that "I understand you and your needs as a professional woman, but I'll make sure you take care of yourself AND succeed at the same time."


Thanks Lisa!

Bethany Vedder

Thin Line Design

Hands In


Create a financially stable and profitable small business to enjoy the freedom and flexibility this brings.




Margaret River WA 6285, Australia


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